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Seeing as Damien is stuck in prison for a while, I thought I would share with you the fun I had in creating… well, essentially, extras.  I had created so many cells and even if not all of them are seen, I still had a yard full of prisoners to fill… so, I was going to need extras, and lots of them!  All up, I could have up to 42 characters on the lot (although I tried to avoid this wherever possible) which was created with 5 prison families of 8 + the original Damien and Brad from the police station.  Rather than add them all to my family which I knew would lag my game completely and be unmanageable, I invited them each over individually and proceeded to make them selectable only when I needed them to perform specific actions or to set them in prison prior to filming.  Talk about a nightmare!  But I wanted authenticity.  Not to mention that when Damien arrives at prison, he is told of the immense overcrowding issues, so some cells had to be seen filled with 3 prisoners and additional mattresses including Brad’s cell so we know it’s not just a special case for them.  This meant I needed a lot of individualised sims.  I still reckon I could’ve doubled it to 80 characters.  But, you begin to run out of customising ideas when all your sims are wearing the same style clothing with very minor variations.  A few hair styles began doubling up (though never the same colour), and I didn’t particularly want to find two dozen more hairstyles for two dozen more sims that would only be seen for two seconds.  So, I tried to rotate around with what I had.

Majority of the sims went unamed as 7Prison3 and 2Prison5, except for the handful I named below.  A few had bruising, whilst 3 had tattoos.  Damien’s cellmate, Cormick, is the only inmate seen with piercings, which all up I wasn’t particularly happy about.  I can’t see that being an allowed policy in prison, and in the novel he is described as having “holes over his face” which Damien assumes are from the piercings.  I didn’t trust myself customising this kind of look without it going bad, so I just stuck with plain piercings.  Maybe he’s made them himself and is constantly getting in trouble for it, I don’t know.  I gotta say though, I was proud.  Managing to film with this many sims?  They deserved mug shots.  Who’s your favourite?

Not only did I create these billion prisoners, I then proceeded to make things even more difficult for myself – assign each of them cells that I would have to lead them to each time (or at least, with the same cellmates).  This is half the reason I did the mug shots – to make it easier to define who was in what cell.  Again… that’s 35 prisoners in a prison built to hold 180+ prisoners.  As I stated previously that the top cells were unfurnished, this meant they were all on the bottom floor, although for some of the shot’s, you’d never be able to tell, so they could just as easily be on the above floors and more spread out and I did this deliberately.

Don’t mind the pizza.  It was my replacement for the box of prison clothes Damien and Brad enter with. 😀




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I do apologise for my lack in updates as of late, but life has been getting in the way and I’ve been very unmotivated to film on a lot with 30+ characters.  However, rest assured, this series will be continuing and over the past few weeks I’ve been hunting down custom content, creating characters and lots and making recolours 🙂 Just not filming.  That said, it is all there ready and waiting to film, so hopefully it shouldn’t be too much longer.  I’ve just started filming Chapter 10, which I know is out of order, but it is going to be easier to film Chapter 10 before going back to do 9.

In the mean time, here’s another picture of Ryan.

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So that leaves us with the floor plan.  Considering how squishy squashed the bottom floor is, you’d think I’d have put more effort into the upper floors.  For my purposes though, this wasn’t necessary.  I had whole empty rooms upstairs I could have made use of = more content = more lag.  Although, I probably should’ve added a usable staff toilet somewhere on the lot O_o But oh well. 😛 (Excuses!  You just ran out of ideas, didn’t you??)

Hope you enjoyed the lengthy tour!  There weren’t any elevators either, sorry, so you’ll have to climb back down those 5 flights of stairs (we won’t even talk about them.  I spent a good 2 hours trying to do a 3×3 or 4×4 circular stair case going up 5 levels, but it was just never going to work… plus, it wouldn’t have had the landings on floors 2 and 3 to access the adjacent rooms.  Apparently, I can be very, very picky).  I would looovee some comments/feedback!  This lot took forever and for me, it was quite an achievement.

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The cells were a big, repetive task, as one would imagine.  They were all 3×4 and there were 15 cells along one wall.  That meant 30 cells on each of the 3 floors = 90 cells.  Each cell had a bed bunk which meant there was a minimum of 2 prisoners in each cell = 180 prisoners.  And there were half a dozen mattresses in overcrowded cells = capacity for many, many sims.  But alas, I cheated.  I only furnished the first floor.  The cells were made for the above floors, but no way was I going to continue placing the rest of the furniture which would only continue to lag my already laggy game.  Aside from that, I loved my cells, although they were partly decorative.  This is because none of the toilets are actually usable because the sink is in the way.  But that was okay for my purposes.  I had sim-actors, not sim prisoners 😉 The tables weren’t accessable to cells that had floor mattresses either.  It was just something you had to work around.  If you were to look at this in a real-world kind of view, a person would be able to squeeze past the sink to use the loo, and a person could stand or sit on a mattress to access the table, so I was happy to use them decoratively.  Trying to film sims sitting on bunks (and particularly top bunks) was a whole other kettle of fish and is something I’ll be glad to break from!

With a sinking realization, I was determined to have my showers adjacent to my cells, but alas, the space just wasn’t there.  I managed it, but there are only 12 showers.  These are invisible recolours of the maxis shower, so they still required 2 spaces for the opening of an invisible door to make them look like communal showers.  I believe they have a no-shoo mod, though I haven’t tested them yet.  Guess there will be many long line ups for the showers?

When inmates aren’t in their cells, they can usually be found in the yard.

Although they are given recreational time in which they can go to a rec room and watch TV, or go to a small classroom learning environment.  This is where Nick gives his talks with allowance from the prison counsellor and guards.

Beside this is the kitchen and dining hall.  The kitchen has a back door entry to allow working inmates to go in and cook up the food and easily transfer it to the cafeteria.  Unfortunately by this point I was running out of room, and I certainly couldn’t fit the amount of chairs and tables that would satisfy my bed capacity.

And if a sim were to get food poisioning, or fake illnesses or life threatening illnesses, or punches or just want to flirt with the nurse, there is a tiny medical clinic right at the front of the prison.  I was again running out of space for this, and determined not to have inmates looking out through the windows onto the road, so 2 halls were created which lessened the space considerably.  And besides that, they still had to walk past the hall with the windows to get to the rooms, but what more could I do?  It wasn’t largely important.

Also at the front of the prison was the visitor’s area.  This had the space for group meetings and isolated visits where the prisoner wasn’t to have contact with the visitor.  See that I was running out of space yet?

Yet the upper floors, like this employee lounge room, became considerably bare…

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This will be broken into 3 posts as there’s too many pictures.

I was expecting the prison to be big.  I wasn’t expecting it to be huge.  That said, it started on a 5×6 lot, ended up with 5 floors, 6 if you included the roof, and cost more than $400,000.  It was MASSIVE.  It was complete with 75 beds, although there was space for 180+.  I didn’t know there was a limit on the amount of walls you could use, until I hit it at 2100.  Thankfully, there was a solution thanks to Numenor’s unlevelled walls!  I only had a few more to go and I didn’t know what I’d do if I was stuck on the maxis limit.  It took hours to build and even longer to film.  I was originally planning on packaging the lot to share with you all, but at the moment I’m too scared to do that as it is huge, laggy, and is likely to start crashing games and what not.  That said, if someone wants to take the risk and test it out for me, let me know.

My inspiration?  Prison Break’s Fox River State Penitentiary.  Of course, it was on a much smaller scale, but you can see a slight resemblance?

In the process of building, I somehow accidentally deleted 1 tile of the road and I have no idea how I did it or how to fix it as I only noticed it towards the end (if anyone has a solution, please let me know!)  It was my first trial at making custom “curved” rooves (that indeed weren’t curved at all and I didn’t want them to be) though was disappointed to find the floor tiles on these rooves were uneditable so I got stuck with what I had.  Still, they didn’t look too bad considering the ages I spent on them.  Not only was it my first try at making them, I had 4 buildings close together which the rooves did not like and I constantly had to build and unbuild walls to make them work.  In the end, the tiles on both edges of one building remained flat, but not altogether a bad look.  Not noticeable from the top, anyway.

At the top corners were 4 guard towers, built higher than the rest of the prison.  On the far side these landed on cement roofing which looked really cool coupled with the barbed wire.

The view from the guard’s towers, as it so rightly should be, looked nicely onto the yard and rest of the prison.

The yard was perhaps bordering on small for the capacity of 180 sims, but then again, so was the rest of the lot and there wasn’t much I could do about it except try and make illusions to the eye.  Everything was carefully articulated.  Each path is bordered by barbed wire fencing and gates, making it (seemingly) impossible for sims to gain access to buildings they weren’t supposed to, while still making it all easily accessible (sort of).  To me, these little touches made it perfect.

Including an isolation block, or ad-seg, administrative-segregation, the hole, whatever you want to call it, which came complete with a miniature yard.  These are cordoned off, individual cells designed for inmates requiring protection from the general prison population, or vice versa.  Tiny 2×3 rooms which are cold, dark and pretty lonely.

Which is quite a different sight to the main prison block.  View from the second floor.

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Ch 8 – Delayed

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Sorry to say this, but Chapter 8 will be delayed as I want to try and get ahead on my filming.

In the mean time, here’s a sneak peak:

🙂 ‘Til next time.

While preparing and filming Chapter 7, I noticed 3 mistakes.

– It wasn’t until I took the final family portrait photo that I noticed I’d given double-Ryan the wrong haircut.  The haircut in the pictures was the one I’d given him 3 years ago on first creation, and not the one that matched is son, Eric.  I always preferred this hair cut, but it wasn’t available for children.  So alas, think of photo-Ryan as a younger-Ryan.  This was fixed for the acting and as such is barely noticeable in a photo frame only glimpsed.

– I had planned to put its-been-a-long-day-I’m-exhausted-Ryan into pyjamas for this episode to match with Chelsea’s dull-grey-I’m-sad-and-can’t-sleep sweater.  I forgot.

– For Chapters 4 and 5 where Ryan is first seen, he isn’t wearing a wedding ring.  This is because I hadn’t yet created sim-Chelsea, and honestly, it wasn’t a thing I thought to consider.  He’ll wear it in all following episodes.

Right, now I’ve got that off my chest…

The Lewis family house took a while to plan out how I wanted it to look.  I had only ever envisioned 3 things in his house – Eric’s room, the set up of the hall with his room at one end and a study at the other, and the position of the sofa and TV in the lounge room.  So starting with that I then mapped out the whole house.  Again, very, very silly of me, as most of the house isn’t seen and as far as I can tell, it’ll only be featured in 2 more episodes at a later date.  But it was pretty.  I liked it.  The front of it anyway.  Admittedly, I did only furnish it very basically in most of the rooms as they aren’t seen, but they were still all there.  Eric’s room was wallpapered in a lovely bright blue – with bordering police checkers at the top – an indication of pure pride in his father.

But I really loved how the kitchen turned out.  It was just so… yummy.  Most of my sim-kitchens are horrible, so this one paid off!  Simple.  Effective.

And apparently, I got carried away as photographer.

The final portrait with fixed haircut.