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While preparing and filming Chapter 7, I noticed 3 mistakes.

– It wasn’t until I took the final family portrait photo that I noticed I’d given double-Ryan the wrong haircut.  The haircut in the pictures was the one I’d given him 3 years ago on first creation, and not the one that matched is son, Eric.  I always preferred this hair cut, but it wasn’t available for children.  So alas, think of photo-Ryan as a younger-Ryan.  This was fixed for the acting and as such is barely noticeable in a photo frame only glimpsed.

– I had planned to put its-been-a-long-day-I’m-exhausted-Ryan into pyjamas for this episode to match with Chelsea’s dull-grey-I’m-sad-and-can’t-sleep sweater.  I forgot.

– For Chapters 4 and 5 where Ryan is first seen, he isn’t wearing a wedding ring.  This is because I hadn’t yet created sim-Chelsea, and honestly, it wasn’t a thing I thought to consider.  He’ll wear it in all following episodes.

Right, now I’ve got that off my chest…

The Lewis family house took a while to plan out how I wanted it to look.  I had only ever envisioned 3 things in his house – Eric’s room, the set up of the hall with his room at one end and a study at the other, and the position of the sofa and TV in the lounge room.  So starting with that I then mapped out the whole house.  Again, very, very silly of me, as most of the house isn’t seen and as far as I can tell, it’ll only be featured in 2 more episodes at a later date.  But it was pretty.  I liked it.  The front of it anyway.  Admittedly, I did only furnish it very basically in most of the rooms as they aren’t seen, but they were still all there.  Eric’s room was wallpapered in a lovely bright blue – with bordering police checkers at the top – an indication of pure pride in his father.

But I really loved how the kitchen turned out.  It was just so… yummy.  Most of my sim-kitchens are horrible, so this one paid off!  Simple.  Effective.

And apparently, I got carried away as photographer.

The final portrait with fixed haircut.