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= Favourite Downloads

Body Shop

Male Female
Roman – HystericalParoxysm DM Curly Hair – donnymeloche
Dean Winchester Hair – nanabelle Curly Pontail – Nouk
Styled Short Hair For Men – UdontKnow Hermione – UdontKnow
Cute Short Straight Locks for Boys of all ages – fanseelamb Straight Hair – melodie9
Short Touseled Hair for Boys of all ages – fanseelamb Two Ponytails – mimiextra5
Classically Cute Hair for Boys of all ages – fanseelamb Natural Beauty Blonde Recolour – owaizzz
Graduation Cap for Males of all Ages РSimphany  

Just Jeans – fanseelambThree Outfits – Ewelina20

Male Female
Set of 9 outfits for your men – migamoo Cute N’ Casual – Preparing for Spring – Simkitty181 Set of 12 outfits for your men – migamoo Knitted Top and Denim Legging – play_jarus Separated H&M Shirts for the men – dustfinger TSA Pj’s Pink Collection – the_black_steed 5 Trendy Hoodies for Adult Sim Men – Randir Warmer Pjs – carakamai Set of 8 H&M Hoodies for your Men – migamoo Pretty Pyjamas – hippi Piles of PJs for Men – fanseelamb Untuckable Shirts + Slouch Jeans for females – HystericalParoxysm 7 boy pjs – Ninika Untuckable Cardigans for adult females – slkn Ruggedly Subdued Hoodies for your Little Men – fanseelamb 4 turtleneck sweaters for females – lenasha Oodles of “Untucked” Attire – fanseelamb ¬† Supercute Boots and “Untucked” Jeans – fanseelamb ¬† Three Male Shirtless Tops – Bubby_bob ¬† Dark Blue Cop Uniform – fanseelamb ¬† Striped separate Poloshirts – dustfinger ¬† Redneck Outfit #2 – amosmoses ¬† All Sorts of Stripes for Adult Male – natef005 ¬† Hunkalicious Button-Neck Tops – fanseelamb ¬† Hunkalicious Button-Neck Tops – fanseelamb ¬† Bright Orange and Yellow Prison Clothes – fanseelamb ¬† *Requested* New Robe Mesh – Male Version – mia86 ¬†

20 Layerable Piercings – -Shady-

Buddy Holly-ish Eyeglasses – tamo

Wireless Headset – funnyycats

Alternative Leather Stud Chokers – Alternative_Rock

Six Cute Silver Necklaces – SilverArrows

Belt Necklace – RosetheSims2, Page 13


Semi-realistic eyes – ashwater

sXe Color Tatto Skin – XJonasX

Tears – Barcelonista

Lupin Eyebrows – penguiny7

Nosebleed – ninika

Four Layerable Face Wounds – Zerographic

Realistic Tattoo Skin – richie_monster2010

Invisible Sim – Blink13y

5 Layerable Facial Wounds – Zerographic



Australian Eucalyptus Tree – comcal

MH Garden Great Oak – phoenix_phaerie

Pine Tree Resizes – nicvncnt

Verdant Velvet Garden Greens – buggybooz

BG Fir Tree Collection – 71robert13

Ground Palm Tree Plant  Set Рcat3cm

Walls & Fences

Time Factor Walls – Pixelhate

Prison Set 1 – frillen

Razor Wire Fence – for Pixelhate – jasonduskey

Locker Wallpaper Set 2 Р~wyldchyld~


Floor Overlay Recolours – Pixelhate


Always Filthy Bathroom Set – paigeturnersims

OpenAuto Garage Door Recolours – iCad

Demolition Set – guatla

Graffiti Overlays РPixelhate

Summertime Terrain Paint Set – ayyuff

Double Wide Hung Window – Cooldadx4 (recolour by discordkitty)



OfficeChamp Task Chair – Purplepaws

Locker Room Benches – thefuzmixman

Under the Stair Mattress – steffor

Low Budget Wonders – Sofabed – simaddict99


Desktop Clutter – Dr Pixel

ABC list and Numbers – SvJW

Letters of Every Kind – songbirdRobyn

minanna’s NETBOOK series – minanna

Old Style Afterschool Items – -Maylin-

School Days Accessory Back Pack – generalzoi (recolours nichellerj & releaze)

School/Office Wall Clock – Boblishman

Brick Built BBQ – Fully Animated – Boblishman

Puddles of Blood – gwillewyn

Apocalyptic Effects, Trashamatic Recolours & Decorative Junk – Sophie-David

‘xaad’ design office – jon119

Become an author without a computer – Moghughson

Chez Moi Teen Bedroom – Cork Boards – phoenix_phaerie

AbelVille Elementary School Items Part One – School Board – rose-maman

Police Car Painting – ziggy28

Emachines T6532 w/ 17″ LCD Monitor – slbamm

What a Load of Rubbish – shakeshaft

International Air Mail Mesh – BeOSBoxBoy

Pipe Dream Industrial Furniture Set 2 – MsBarrows

Leyris – Bedroom – Picture Frames – mirake

Corma Picture Recolours – tdyannd

Birnoer Diningroom Picture – murano

School Hallway Part 1- Living Dead Girl

Educational Whiteboards – Nixxy245

Street – huabanzhu

Dilbert Modern Office Set – estatica

“Miele” Paper – Roboty

Tyre – Cazkiwi

Planet Fitness Gym Set – AbstractSIMmer187

Decorative Security Camera & Animated Monitor – -Maylin-

Police Motorbike – mickyss

Men’s Clutter Part 2 – SimplyStyling

Get Schooled Books – SimsCreativity

Washing Up Rack and Dishes – boblishman

Collage Photo Frames – Living Dead Girl


Damaged Jeep Cherokee – Fresh-Prince

Police Prowler – VampCat

Drivable Ambulance – Fresh-Prince


Pet Box – sim_man123

12 Toliet Stall Recolors – dami

Shower Recolors – alecrox12

Illuminated Shop sign – MogHughson

3 “Office Pal” recolors – OsisLV

Woodshole Table – capt.nemo

One More Slot Packages

For beds and counters – JohnBrehaut1

Table, stairs – JohnBrehaut1

End tables – ariffrazalin

Coffee tables – ariffrazalin

Sit anywhere – ariffrazalin

OMSPs Revisited and Improved! РSilentLucidity 

Mods, Hacks, Animations, Pose Boxes


Colour Enable Package – Numenor

Animation Painting of Bedlam & Catastrophe – aikea_guinea

Animation Painting of Chaos & Doom – aikea_guinea

Canine Self-Defence Practice Pad – Kodiak

Driveable Cars without NL (Game Add-On) РNumenor 

Phone Manipulator – Smonaff

Pose Sculpture РSitting on the Floor РFrozen and Iced

Sim Locomotor – treeag

Sitting/Talk Conversation Hack – decorgal21572

Talk Overlay Hack – decorgal21572

Teleporter Shrub and Painting – jordi

Recolours by Me


1-wall Police Logo Wallpaper
Police Illuminated Shop Sign (recolour of MogHughson)
Police Teddy Bear
Police Checkered Wallpaper
Collage Photo Frames (recolour of Living Dead Girl)
Green Prison Uniforms (recolour of fanseelamb)
Box of Prison Uniforms (recolour of shakeshaft)
Kidnapping-related Graffiti (recolour of Pixelhate)

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