The Characters

Damien Briggs

Well on the way to starting his new life,  Damien has set about to fulfill his lifetime goal of teaching.  After studying for 3 years, he began teaching early primary school students at Hillview State Primary.  He is currently teaching 22 students in Grade 2, and each and every one of them love him and claim him as their favourite teacher.  He loves them, too.  Seeing the students five days a week reminds him of all that he has achieved.  The students always come first and he treats them as if they were his own.  However, his past has been stashed just beneath a thin layer of film, and it is about to get ripped wide open.


Pepper is an adventurous black Labrador Retriever.  He was rescued at animal shelter after being hit by a car as a pup.  Damien, who was working at the shelter at the time, fell in instant love.  The pair understood each other in a way no one else did.  Together they conquered difficulties, and grew to become inseparable.  He is Damien’s best friend and constant companion.  He is highly smart and sensitive of his owner’s feelings.  Damien considers him to be his only family.  Unlike people, he gives no commands nor criticism, just undividied loyalty.

Cameron Henderson


Russell Taylor


Sergeant Ryan Lewis

Ryan always knew what he was going to do and upon finishing high school with good grades, immediatebly began his preparations and training for the job he’d always dreamed of.  He has been in the police service for 10 years now, and married to his beautiful wife, Chelsea, for 11.  Their 8 year old son, Eric, completely dotes over his loving father and hopes to one day follow in his footsteps – helping people and being “a hero” in his eyes.  Ryan treasures his family and would do anything for them.  Despite his job sometimes putting strains on their relationships, they are understanding in every sense of the word.  They know that Ryan will never changes jobs, even if he doesn’t know it himself.  He never stops caring about the people around him – family, friends or strangers.

Senior Sergeant Brian Rodger

Having earned his ranking after 16 years in the force, Brian has seen it all.  Over the years, it has toughened him and his bitter attitude lets people know who’s boss.


Thomas is the first person Damien meets in prison.  He is serving 12 years for –


Tyler likes to keep a positive attitude.


Gavin is the prison’s biggest bully.

Nicholas “Ambiguous”

Nick is serving a 30 year sentence, though there is speculation among inmates about what for.  The most popular theory is the murder of his parents.  However, there is also common belief that he is innocent.  He’s a prison rat, tells the guards everything they want to hear and gives talks to weak prisoners.  He breaks up fights and recieves death threats every week but for some unknown, agreed upon reason, nobody messes with him.