How It Started

The story of Innocence came to me after a long bout of writer’s block.  My sister-in-law was asking for help on the climax of a children’s story she was writing.  Overcome with ideas for her story, instead of visualising fresh ideas for my own, I began to finish her story in my head.  The way I wanted it.  It was violent.  It was unhappy.  Not suprisingly, my sister-in-law didn’t like the ending I’d come up with.  Then again, she’d never liked violent stories.  I began to formulate a story that would climb to that peak I wanted, and so came about my fresh ideas.  Four years later, I’m still in love with the story, rewriting scenes and chopping the old ones that I wrote those years ago.  Determined to get it published, I am however often sidetracked with stupid ideas that put my editing on hold… for example, creating the characters in my ever loved game of Sims 2… and occassionally, whole sets.

And so came about my hunt for deliciously beautiful custom content items that would bring my story to life.  I am beginning to learn how to recolour basic objects, and learn all there is to know about mods, hacks and cheats (this however, is a dreadful task often put off).  I am still getting my hands around filming, so maybe we’ll see how I improve as the chapters go on.  Hopefully, they continue on this next exciting chapter for Innocence.  One day, the book will be available on shelves.  I’ll make sure of it.  But for now, Sims 2 will have to do.