Setting the Scene – The Prisoners

Posted: July 3, 2012 in Setting the Scene
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Seeing as Damien is stuck in prison for a while, I thought I would share with you the fun I had in creating… well, essentially, extras.  I had created so many cells and even if not all of them are seen, I still had a yard full of prisoners to fill… so, I was going to need extras, and lots of them!  All up, I could have up to 42 characters on the lot (although I tried to avoid this wherever possible) which was created with 5 prison families of 8 + the original Damien and Brad from the police station.  Rather than add them all to my family which I knew would lag my game completely and be unmanageable, I invited them each over individually and proceeded to make them selectable only when I needed them to perform specific actions or to set them in prison prior to filming.  Talk about a nightmare!  But I wanted authenticity.  Not to mention that when Damien arrives at prison, he is told of the immense overcrowding issues, so some cells had to be seen filled with 3 prisoners and additional mattresses including Brad’s cell so we know it’s not just a special case for them.  This meant I needed a lot of individualised sims.  I still reckon I could’ve doubled it to 80 characters.  But, you begin to run out of customising ideas when all your sims are wearing the same style clothing with very minor variations.  A few hair styles began doubling up (though never the same colour), and I didn’t particularly want to find two dozen more hairstyles for two dozen more sims that would only be seen for two seconds.  So, I tried to rotate around with what I had.

Majority of the sims went unamed as 7Prison3 and 2Prison5, except for the handful I named below.  A few had bruising, whilst 3 had tattoos.  Damien’s cellmate, Cormick, is the only inmate seen with piercings, which all up I wasn’t particularly happy about.  I can’t see that being an allowed policy in prison, and in the novel he is described as having “holes over his face” which Damien assumes are from the piercings.  I didn’t trust myself customising this kind of look without it going bad, so I just stuck with plain piercings.  Maybe he’s made them himself and is constantly getting in trouble for it, I don’t know.  I gotta say though, I was proud.  Managing to film with this many sims?  They deserved mug shots.  Who’s your favourite?

Not only did I create these billion prisoners, I then proceeded to make things even more difficult for myself – assign each of them cells that I would have to lead them to each time (or at least, with the same cellmates).  This is half the reason I did the mug shots – to make it easier to define who was in what cell.  Again… that’s 35 prisoners in a prison built to hold 180+ prisoners.  As I stated previously that the top cells were unfurnished, this meant they were all on the bottom floor, although for some of the shot’s, you’d never be able to tell, so they could just as easily be on the above floors and more spread out and I did this deliberately.

Don’t mind the pizza.  It was my replacement for the box of prison clothes Damien and Brad enter with. 😀



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